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Published: 2012-09-10 00:00:00

Waikato residents are being encouraged to report sightings of certain native birds on an updated web page launched to coincide with Conservation Week, which began yesterday.

Waikato Regional Council has previously had a facility for people to report tui and bellbird sightings as part of the Halo project controlling pests at tui breeding sites around Hamilton. There have been significant increases in reported tui sightings since the project began.

Now, for Conservation Week, the council has established an updated page on its website so that people are also able to report sightings of kaka and kereru, said biosecurity group manager John Simmons.

“We are getting increasing anecdotal reports of kaka and kereru in Hamilton, which is a very healthy sign for the city’s biodiversity.

“The council is asking people to report sightings of these birds around the region so we can get a better idea of numbers and where they are.”

The web page for reporting sightings is

Images of kereru and kaka can be seen at: