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Published: 2013-11-14 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council emergency response staff are dealing with fuel coming from an 11-metre private pleasure vessel that sunk in Wyuna Bay on the Coromandel late yesterday afternoon.

The response is aimed at stopping further spillage and minimising environmental impacts.

Coromandel regional on-scene commander Brendan Morris said the spill did not appear to be major at this stage but staff are taking action to contain the spill, monitoring the situation closely and advising interested parties.

“The local harbourmaster has deployed sorbent booms to soak up the sheen of fuel we can see on the water near the vessel,” said Mr Morris.

A rapid deployment boom is being sent to the scene to assist with containing the spill.

“We are looking at ways of stopping the leak at the source and working with the owner to look at options for removing the fuel from the sunken vessel.

“We are hoping this spill will be relatively minor and that it can be contained as much as possible within a small area,” said Mr Morris.

It was unclear at this stage why the vessel sank.