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Published: 2017-08-09 11:15:00

11.15am update

Waikato Regional Council is today working with others to help clear debris from the beach at Port Jackson after a yacht grounding late yesterday afternoon.

The good news is that any leak of diesel that may have occurred from the vessel does not appear to have caused any environmental issues that can be detected, says maritime services team leader Richard Barnett.

“Further checks are being made to see if there was any spill and, if so, whether any diesel could spill into the environment. But, fingers crossed, it doesn’t appear as if there will be any major environmental problems at this stage from any diesel aboard. Our focus for the time being is on helping remove debris from this remote location.”

Department of Conservation staff and locals are helping with the clean-up.

The council was first alerted late yesterday afternoon that the yacht had beached after a steering problem that occurred while the yacht’s owner was getting underway on a trip. He got ashore safely but the beached yacht was swamped by the incoming tide. Heavy weather overnight, including two metre waves, had caused the vessel to break up.