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Published: 2010-10-09 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is likely to have five new councillors based on progress results received by 5.30pm today. 

They are Lois Livingston in the Hamilton constituency, Theresa Stark in Central Waikato, Philip Legg in Matamata-Piako and Russ Rimmington and Stu Kneebone, in Waipa-King Country.
In the Hamilton constituency where eight candidates contested four seats, incumbents Paula Southgate, Tony Armstrong and Jane Hennebry have been returned. Lois Livingston has been successful in her bid to get back on the council after losing her seat in the 2007 election.
Laurie Burdett (Taupo), Norm Barker (South Waikato) and Simon Friar (Thames-Coromandel) have all been returned.
EW’s chair for the past three years, Peter Buckley, was earlier elected unopposed in the North Waikato-Hauraki constituency.

John Fisher (Waipa-King Country), Frank Healey (Matamata-Piako) and Pat Gregory (Hamilton) have been defeated in their respective constituencies.

Two councillors retired from EW this election. Andra Neeley stepped down from the Waipa-King Country seat she had held for 12 years, while Ian Balme also retired after six years with EW, the past three in the Central Waikato constituency.

While the vast majority of votes have been counted, special votes and voting papers delivered this morning to the offices of the 11 constituent territorial authorities in the EW region are yet to be included in these results.

Once these remaining votes are counted, preliminary results will be available on the website on Monday, 11 October 2010. Declaration of the final results is expected to be published late next week on the website and in newspapers.

Results have been ranked in descending order from most to least votes. Successful candidates in bold.

Constituency – Central Waikato (1 seat)
Candidate Name  Progress Results      
STARK, Theresa  3011  
MAHUTA, Tipa    1630  
MCLEAN, Neil    1313  
WOODWARD, Garth 1100  

Constituency – Hamilton (4 seats)
Candidate Name  Progress Results
SOUTHGATE, Paula        19,107
LIVINGSTON, Lois        14,720
ARMSTRONG, Anthony      13,527
HENNEBRY, Jane  13,211
SOWRY, Guy      11,790
GREGORY, Pat    11,108
LAWRENCE, Jane  10,184
LLOYD, Rhys     8660  

Constituency – Matamata-Piako (1 seat)
Candidate Name  Progress Results      
LEGG, Phillip   3990  
HEALEY, Frank   3923  

Constituency – North Waikato Hauraki (1 seat)
Candidate Name  Result (final)
BUCKLEY, Peter  Elected unopposed     

Constituency – South Waikato Rotorua (1 seat)
Candidate Name  Progress Results       
BARKER, Norm    3090  
STEWART, Neil   2794  

Constituency – Taupo (1 seat)
Candidate Name  Progress  Results       
BURDETT, Laurie 6350  
HORNER, David   4220  

Constituency – Thames Coromandel (1 seat)
Candidate Name  Progress Results       
FRIAR, Simon    4826  
GRAF, Clyde     4405  
SIELING, Dirk   3001  

Constituency – Waipa King Country (2 seats)
Candidate Name  Progress Results       
RIMMINGTON, Russ        7770  
KNEEBONE, Stuart        7604  
FISHER, John    6217  
DeHAAN, Doreen  4671