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Published: 2003-03-11 00:00:00

Te Kuiti’s troubled wastewater treatment plant has finally achieved major progress in producing acceptable effluent.

This week’s Environment Waikato Regulatory Committee meeting heard that the plant was producing much better effluent. De-nitrification in the reactor basin had now started and the effluent quality had improved to a stage where it usually met consent conditions. The plant has not been able to meet conditions for almost three years.

Commissioning of the plant occurred during a period of peak production for the two meat works, which produce effluent for the plant. This resulted in the plant running at 10 percent over design due to one of the meat companies exceeding trade waste limits. Waitomo District Council is actively investigating ways to ensure compliance from its industry.

The Committee was told a major reason for the successful commissioning was on-site management from Harrison Grierson who had resolved any maintenance and mechanical failure issues. Only two problem aerators remained, with one responding well to an adjustment.

Resource Officer Ross Wightman said the town now had a plant that worked.

Regulatory Committee chairman Jim Howland said the Committee was pleased about the results being achieved and suggested the plant needed to be reported on only quarterly, instead of monthly.