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Published: 2000-12-07 00:00:00

Mighty River Power has withdrawn its proposal to lower the flow from Lake Karapiro for five months this summer.

This week’s Regulatory Committee tabled a letter from Mighty River Power withdrawing its proposal on November 22, saying it expected a decision on Huntly discharge variations by the Environment Court this month which would reduce the risk to power supplies. As well, it said Hamilton City Council had not had time to consult its Councillors about the issue.

Last month Environment Waikato’s Regulatory Committee told the company to consult with everyone affected before it would make a decision on the company’s request. The company wanted minimum flows reduced from Lake Karapiro to secure power supplies to the upper North Island, should there be a long, hot, dry summer.

There would be increased reliance on the Waikato hydro system to provide generation to meet peak electricity demand in the Region because of repairs to the Otahuhu station, restrictions on Huntly station operations when the river heated up, and a growth in regional demand which exceeded generation capacity, it said.

The company proposes to further review the situation on the risk to power supply in mid-December and would advise Environment Waikato if it wanted to proceed with a variation to the Tongariro Offset Works Agreement.

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