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Published: 2004-06-30 00:00:00

Environment Waikato will split the costs of its Peninsula rate for the Coromandel between capital value and a flat rate per property.

In its Long-Term Council Community Plan adopted today, the Council says the method of rating reflects direct benefits to local areas and wider benefits across both the Peninsula and the Region from a stable and well-managed catchment. All ratepayers on the Coromandel will benefit and ratepayers across the Waikato Region will contribute in different ways.

The project is designed to stabilise streams and rivers and protect estuaries and harbours, protect land, reduce pests and improve biodiversity, improve water quality and protect the area from frequent flooding.

The Council received over 2000 submissions on the Peninsula Project and Thames Coast proposals outlined in its draft Plan. Most submissions were made on a preferred rating option for the proposed Peninsula rate, and supporters chose from five options.

Overall there was strong support for a uniform rate across the project area. Submitters were concerned about overall rating by the Council, and the impact of rate increases on those whose properties were escalating in capital value, especially on those on fixed or low incomes.

The Peninsula rate will include a capital value and a flat rate per property component, split equally. Direct benefits to local areas will be funded by direct local rates and charges for flood protection and soil conservation. Environment Waikato will be working with the community to confirm what they require and the next steps to take.