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Published: 2012-04-20 00:00:00

Almost 300 submissions have been received on Waikato Regional Council’s draft long term plan, with just one week left for residents to have their say.

The majority of submissions to the 2012-2022 Draft Long Term Plan have so far been on proposals for mangrove management at Tairua and Whangamata.

However, there are other important regional issues outlined in the plan and the council welcomes the public’s views.

Analysis of the submissions will be carried out by council staff once the month-long public consultation period ends on Friday 27 April.

Councillors will consider public submissions during May before adopting the final plan at a council meeting on 28 June 2012.

The draft long term plan sets out what the council proposes to do over the next 10 years to make our region safer, more economically vibrant and ecologically healthy.

In making final decisions, it is important the council has feedback from the public.

The plan can be viewed online (, at public libraries in the Waikato region, at any Waikato Regional Council office from 8am-5pm, or by phoning 0800 800 401 to request a copy.

The public can help the council reduce costs by making a submission online or emailing feedback to Further details on how to make a submission are available on the council’s website or in the draft long term plan.