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Published: 2002-06-21 00:00:00

One person is missing and a civil defence emergency has been declared in the Thames Coromandel area after a night of wild weather.

An elderly woman at Waiomu is missing after a caravan was swept away by floodwaters in the early hours. An elderly man was also admitted with injuries to Thames hospital. A civil defence emergency was declared in the Thames area about 3am and the area is now without power, water and the sewerage system is shut down.

The coast road is inaccessible from Ngarimu north and Thames Coromandel civil defence is warning traffic to stay away.

Many people have evacuated from areas such as Tapu, Tararu and Te Puru where there is extensive flooding, cars and caravans under water.

Thames civil defence staff, emergency services and Environment Waikato’s Flood Response Team have been on duty throughout the night. Environment Waikato acting controller Scott Fowlds said the most severe damage appears to have been confined to the western coast of the Thames Coromandel peninsula, although Hamilton city and areas further south received an overnight pounding from rain and high winds.

“Power cuts are widespread but emergency services are operating well. Flood schemes are working, pumps operating to move water and so far river flooding is confined to surface flooding and over topping of berms.”