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Published: 2011-02-11 00:00:00

With river and catchment management being a key role in the Waikato, the regional council is strongly encouraging people to put their names forward to be their community’s representatives on Environment Waikato’s catchment liaison sub-committees.

The sub-committees provide advice to the council on river and catchment management programmes in their areas.

There are eight river and catchment management zones in EW’s region and all have catchment liaison subcommittees.

Zone areas currently seeking representatives for a three-year term are:
• Lake Taupo
• Upper Waikato
• Coromandel
• Central Waikato
• Waipa
• Lower Waikato
• Waihou-Piako

The West Coast zone has already recently appointed its community representatives.

People seeking nomination should have knowledge of or interest in river and catchment programmes, the ability to attend daytime meetings, and an ability to engage with the public and local communities on catchment management matters.

Subcommittees meet three to four times a year, with usually one event being a field inspection to look at specific work undertaken on the ground. Community representatives are eligible for a meeting attendance fee and traveling expenses.

Nominations close at 4pm on Friday, 11 March 2011. For an information pack and a nomination form contact Adele Bird on 0800 800 401.