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Published: 2004-11-22 00:00:00

Environment Waikato and the Ministry for the Environment are not meeting next week to sign a deal with a private company to clean up the abandoned Tui Mine site near Te Aroha.

A Waikato Times story on Saturday said a deal could be signed next week to tidy the site, but Environment Waikato special Projects Manager Dennis Crequer said the statement was without foundation.

“Should the un-named private company referred to elsewhere in the article offer its facilities as part of the Tui remediation project, then any remedial option associated with those facilities will need detailed assessment, and then will have to be ranked against all other options in terms of effectiveness, feasibility, timing and cost,” he said.

“This process and associated community consultation can be expected to take several months at a minimum, and any report of a ‘deal’ about to be signed is incorrect, without foundation and misleading.”