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Published: 2003-11-11 00:00:00

Narrow lanes in Hamilton’s new subdivisions are creating problems for Hamilton buses.

This week’s Environment Waikato Regional Passenger Transport Subcommittee heard that residents in newer subdivisions had complained they were paying for a bus service but were unable to access it.

Transport Operations Co-ordinator Noel Burnie said new subdivisions in the city contained a large number of lances, closes and dead end streets which created turning problems for buses. The Council had taken a number of different sized vehicles into new areas to see which could be used, and even some smaller ones could not turn around.

The Council was looking into ways of encouraging developers to make subdivisions more bus user friendly.

Hamilton City Council representative Roger Hennebry said bus stops that people could walk to should be provided at the end of lanes, however Mr Burnie said Environment Waikato’s policy said bus stops needed to be within 200 metres and most would require a longer walk.

The Council could not influence the speed of investment in subdivisions but bus routes could be established as subdivisions were developed.

Chairman David Peart said the problem needed to be solved if the availability of the bus system was to be increased and made more acceptable in new areas.