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Published: 2001-03-01 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is proposing a new bylaw to ensure safety on the Region’s waterways.

This week’s Council meeting proposed the new navigation safety bylaw which will cover the entire Waikato Region and ensure safety on all navigable waterways – the sea, harbours, lakes and rivers. The Bylaw will not apply to Lake Taupo, Whaingaroa Harbour, Waikato River from The Elbow to Meremere and Lake Maraetai.

A change in local government law has made regional councils responsible for navigation safety. The new bylaw will set down rules for managing the waterways safely. It replaces the existing Water Recreation Regulations and the General Harbour Regulations which were due to expire in 2003. Environment Waikato has adopted a national model bylaw developed to ensure consistency across the country.

The Bylaw is about enabling people to use lakes, rivers and harbours for water skiing, swimming, boating, kayaking or other water activities safely and some areas are zoned to avoid people interfering with other’s activities.

In the proposed bylaw, waterways in high pressure areas are outlined and schedules developed for each. The Bylaw has been developed in consultation with local authorities, interested groups and individuals, and submissions are invited by Tuesday, April 24.

Anyone wanting to view the proposed bylaw can contact Environment Waikato's Freephone 0800 800 401.

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