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Published: 2004-04-21 00:00:00

Hamilton’s Jeneanne Capon has come up with a way to turn recycled materials into musical instruments for her music classes.

Ms Capon runs music classes for pre-schoolers and contacted The Waste Exchange, a free database service supported by Environment Waikato and Environment Bay of Plenty for businesses with waste products to exchange to find useful materials for her classes.

She makes drums out of carpet cores cut to length, sanded down with inner tubes placed over one end. The classes, divided into two groups called Tiny Shakers and Movers and Groovers, run for eight weeks and aim to give young children a fun introduction to music. Jeneanne has also made flags out of recycled plastic rods and nylon material.

The ArtRoom in Tauranga runs a series of art classes for children and collects scraps and off-cuts from a range of businesses. The Waste Exchange put the ArtRoom’s Kerri Tilby in touch with businesses that can provide resources.

The children make paper mache candlesticks from cardboard tubes, mosaics from broken dinnerware sets and tapestry from hessian material.

Hamilton’s Art Makers is a community artists’ trust and uses the Waste Exchange to acquire materials for their artists.

Eleven Art Makers students entered four designs in the Urban Vogue section of the Trash to Fashion event during the Festival of the Environment. The section is sponsored by the Waste Exchange. The creations for Urban Vogue had to be made from business waste which could be sourced from The Waste Exchange.

Although they didn’t take away a prize the ‘Round the World Chick’ entry, designed by Ana Leathly, Nicole Grant and Irene Goodhue, made it to the finals.

The Waste Exchange put Art Makers in touch with various suppliers, helping the students with their entries. The Trust now has more suppliers to the Trust.

Environment Waikato Councillor Paula Southgate and Nanette Brew received a highly commended for their Trash to Fashion entry Power Suit For the Politician in Paper, made mostly of paper.

Businesses who wish to use the Waste Exchange Service can call (0800 NO THROW) 0800 668 4769 or visit their website on