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Published: 2001-03-15 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has plans for a $10 million fund to encourage stream bank protection, policy changes to protect Lake Taupo, community-driven river management works and a major strike on possums and plant pests in its draft Strategic Plan released today.

The Council’s Committees have recommended a general rate increase of 9.4 percent, which will be considered by the full Council at the end of the month.

That means a proposed increase for most Waikato residents of between about $3 and $10 for an average urban property and $23 to $77 on a rural property.

The proposed rate increases general rates by $1.242 million to cover a variety of work planned for the coming year. General Rates are about one third of the Council’s total revenue, with the balance coming from separate rates, government grants, charges, interest, investments and rents.

The increase paid by individual ratepayers will vary throughout the Region, due to the effects of property valuation changes. In Hamilton city, rates will rise by about $7 on a $150,000 urban property to $117. On a 100 hectare rural property rates will rise by about $29 to about $413. Rises in other areas are:
Waikato District: Urban; $63, up $6, rural; $498, up $55.
Franklin: Urban; $88, up $7, rural; $519, up $25
South Waikato: Urban; $53, up $7, rural; $519, up $55
Taupo: Urban; $75, up $10, rural; $573, up $64
Matamata Piako: Urban; $57, up $3, rural; $480, up $49
Waipa: Urban; $73, up $7, rural; $494, up $54
Rotorua District: Urban; $67, up $4, rural; $522, up $51
Thames Coromandel District: Urban; $86, up $4, rural; $508, up $24
Hauraki District: Urban; $61, up $3, rural; $482, up $46
Otorohanga District: Urban; $58, up $5, rural; $491, up $57
Waitomo District: Urban; $61, up $11, rural; $514, up $77.

An increase of 20.5 cents per hectare is proposed for the Biosecurity Rate – a separate works and services rate paid on rural properties over two hectares. On an average 100 hectare property the rate will be about $23 more, including GST.

Copies of the Draft Strategic Plan can be obtained from Environment Waikato's Freephone 0800 800 401, or from the website from April. Submissions on the draft Plan close on May 15, with hearings scheduled for late May.

This media item was current at its release date. The facts or figures it contains may have changed since its original publication.