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Published: 2011-05-06 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council has announced the names of the successful appointees to be the 2011-14 landowner and community representatives on catchment liaison sub-committees.

The sub-committees consider local issues in particular catchments, have a say in the way council funding is used locally and provide advice to the council’s full catchment services committee.

“The sub-committees play an extremely useful role in the way we manage flooding and land in the various river catchments in the Waikato region,” said catchment services committee chairman Stu Kneebone.

“I would like to thank all people who put their name forward to be landowner and community representatives. This sort of community involvement in our work is essential.”

The council assesses nominations for landowner and community representatives using an established set of criteria based on their geographic location, skills, background and community networks.

The following table lists the successful appointees to each zone.




community representatives


Lake Taupo


  1. Garry Baker
  2. Barry Pope
  3. Helen Brosnan
  4. Eric Wilson
  5. William Oliver


Upper Waikato


  1. Ritchie Stokes
  2. Andrew Welch
  3. George Moss
  4. Martin Bennett
  5. Gifford McFadden
  6. Roku Mihinui
  7. Henk Weijers




  1. Brendan Hicks
  2. Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai
  3. Thomas Gibbons






  1. Neil Barnett
  2. Graham Smith
  3. Graham McBride
  4. John Hodge
  5. Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai
  6. John Oliver
  7. Mark Frederikson


Lower Waikato


  1. Jim Cotman
  2. Malcolm Lumsden
  3. Gwyn Morgan
  4. Arthur Wright
  5. Syd Goodwright
  6. Robert Tilsley
  7. Matthew Dean




  1. Allan Bridson
  2. John Haynes
  3. Carol Nanning
  4. Kevin Robinson
  5. John Sanford


Waihou Piako


  1. Roger Hunter
  2. John Bubb
  3. Anthony Arnet
  4. Robert Hicks
  5. David Gasquoine
  6. Emma Hoey/Samuel
  7. Stu Edmeades