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Published: 2005-11-11 00:00:00

An application to extend the Kinloch Marina at Lake Taupo has been given the go-ahead by the Waikato Regional Council’s Hearings Committee and an Independent Hearings Commissioner on behalf of the Taupo District Council .

The applicant, Kinloch Marina Ltd, had sought permission to develop the existing marina facilities which currently consist of 108 berths, and also to undertake beach replenishment on the Whangamata Bay beach and foreshore.

The proposed marina development will include:

Removal of all fixed and floating berth structures and installation of new structures;

Creation of a western basin designed to accommodate 33 craft;

Cleaning out and slight deepening of the existing marina;

Extension of the eastern basin to provide 12 additional berths;

Disposal of the excavated material at a fill site off Whangamata Road.

There were 4 submissions received by Environment Waikato (the Waikato Regional Council), expressing a range of concerns about issues such as the stability of the marina’s retaining wall, the potential for nutrient leaching during construction, the loss of trees in the area, and concerns about the pollution of swimming areas by weed from the marina.  The Taupo District Council , which is responsible for land use consents,  also received  25 submissions regarding noise, vibration and traffic concerns with the proposal.   

In making its decision, the Committee found that overall the evidence from the hearing indicated that there was merit in the proposals for both the marina extension and beach replenishment.

In granting the application for the marina extension, the Committee noted that the removal of old treated timber structures from the marina and replacement with new structures, along with the installation of modern fuel and wastewater facilities, would provide some mitigation for the water quality effects that are anticipated during construction.

The Committee also recognised that weed management and control had been a significant issue at the site, but believed it would be addressed by a new overall management plan for the marina.  

The Committee also gave its consent to the beach replenishment, which is designed to remedy or mitigate the erosion effects of the groynes,

The Taupo District Council's Independent Commissioner also gave consent for the marina extensions to go ahead.


For further information, please contact:

Hugh Keane

Programme Manager


Environment Waikato