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Published: 2012-09-14 00:00:00

Honda New Zealand’s latest contribution to tree planting in the Waikato has taken its total donation over eight years to more than $200,000.

A cheque for $14,375 was handed over to councillors Stu Kneebone and Paula Southgate of Waikato Regional Council at Ingham Honda in Hamilton this week to take the total to just under $210,000. That means Honda has funded or will fund the planting of about 70,000 trees.

Under its Honda Tree Fund scheme, the company funds the planting of ten native trees for every new Honda car sold in New Zealand. Cash is allocated to regions based on how many cars are sold in different parts of the country. Waikato Regional Council helps allocate the region’s share of the funds to local community groups.

“This cash is great from Honda when it comes to providing support to Waikato community environmental initiatives,” said council sustainable agriculture coordinator Bala Tikkisetty.