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Published: 2001-06-19 00:00:00

Possum control contractors have completed work in the Harker Reserve near Onewhero.

Harker Reserve management committee chairperson John Mitchell said the Committee was pleased with the results.

“The possums and rats have really taken a hiding,” he said.

Environment Waikato employed EcoFX Pest Solutions to control possums and rats in a 1000 hectare area around the Reserve. EcoFX have left 245 bait stations in the area so that landowners can continue to keep possum numbers low.

“Now that EcoFX and Environment Waikato have done such a good job of reducing the possum problem, it’s now up to us as landowners to keep up the good work,” landowner Rowan Harker – who donated the reserve - told the committee.

Environment Waikato have also recently provided funding to improve the walking track through the Reserve and create picnic areas to encourage people to appreciate the bush. Many people use the Reserve for recreational walking and school trips.

Some work on the track has been done, but wet weather interrupted the job. Further work will probably need to be put off until drier weather in spring.

Environment Waikato spokesperson Phillip Brown said the Regional Council was impressed at the commitment from local landowners and believed that more of the community would get involved as they learnt about the project.