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Published: 2009-04-08 00:00:00

A building currently used by Environment Waikato at 505 Grey St, Hamilton East, is now being offered for lease as the council restructures its accommodation.

Staff housed at 505 Grey St will shift to either council headquarters at 401 Grey St or into newly leased premises at Marlborough House in the CBD.

The restructure plan – launched last year – will allow for the housing of new staff and the bringing together of teams working jointly on projects, said the council’s corporate services group manager Junine Stewart.

"Using 401 Grey St and Marlborough House for our primary Hamilton operations will increase our efficiency and give greater longer-term certainty to our accommodation arrangements," she said.

The council’s current lease at 505 Grey St runs out next year, so offering it out to other users now made sense, she added.

Ms Stewart emphasised there were no concrete plans for a new EW building.