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Published: 2013-09-20 00:00:00

A number of changes will take effect on Hamilton bus routes next month to coincide with ongoing construction of the Hamilton Ring Road.

The routes travelled by the Orbiter and 13 University buses will permanently change from Monday 14 October due to the severing of Old Farm Road. 

“We’ve been working with the contracted bus operators for these services to minimise the impact of route changes on our passengers,” said Waikato Regional Council’s land transport operations service delivery manager Ben Barlow. 

The clockwise Orbiter will travel via Peachgrove Road, Clyde Street, Cameron Road, Old Farm Road and Knighton Rd to the existing university stop. The anticlockwise Orbiter will travel the same route, in reverse. 

“The re-routing of these services is unavoidable and unfortunately the diversion may add a couple of minutes to the Orbiter’s journey so, to help keep it on time, the Hague Road loop through the Waikato Hospital campus will be removed,” Mr Barlow said. 

Instead, the Orbiter will travel directly up Pembroke Street hill and use the bus stops outside the hospital’s Emergency Department. This will mean better interchange with the 6 Mahoe, 7 Glenview and Te Awamutu buses using these stops. 

The outward 13 University bus will travel Peachgrove Road and Wilson Street as usual, then via Old Farm Road, Clyde Street, Cameron Road and Beaumont Street to Greensboro Street. The inward bus will travel the same route, but in reverse.

Service improvements

Meanwhile, improvements are being introduced on the 12 Fitzroy and 9 Nawton bus routes will also take effect from Monday 14 October. 

The 12 Fitzroy route will be extended to Waterford Road, allowing better connections for local residents around the Dixon Road area, and the Summerset Retirement Village.  The Fitzroy Avenue loop will only be run on trips into town, and there will be no changes to the current timetable. 

The 9 Nawton route will have four additional services to Foreman Road on weekdays following changes to the southern end of Tasman Road that will now enable the bus to turn safely here. The bus will no longer travel to Te Kowhai Road. 

“This will mean a better bus service for Wintec's Rotokauri campus staff and students, as well as workers at businesses in the Foreman Road area,” Mr Barlow said. 

The cost of operating Hamilton’s buses is partly covered by fares. The rest is split equally between the NZ Transport Agency and Waikato Regional Council. 

More information on the changes will be available at Keep up to date with the latest BUSIT information on Facebook,