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Published: 2005-04-28 00:00:00

Environment Waikato’s Environmental Initiatives Fund has granted $2000 towards a native bush project at Te Miro School.

Te Miro is an Enviroschool with a long-term goal of bringing native birds and fauna back to the school grounds. The school had worked with a variety of experts to help students develop a restoration plan and its curriculum promoted environmental awareness and developed skills needed to identify and solve environmental problems.

“This is a wonderful example of the integration of two of our programmes, Enviroschools and the Environmental Initiatives Fund to achieve real results. This is what Environment Waikato is all about”, said Barry O’Connor, Deputy Chairman and Regional Councillor for Waipa.

“It is great to see environmental awareness and activity coming through our schools, through our children. We are planting the seeds for the future of our Region.”

The students had been involved in the project from the beginning and are part of the next stages of applying for funding, clearing the site, following designs and planting and caring for the area.

The school planned to use the site as an ongoing educational resource through species monitoring, plant identification, resource, art, health and physical well-being.