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Published: 2005-04-28 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has granted $2500 to the Hamilton Fish and Game Association for restoration and enhancement of public access to Lake Koromatua, a peat lake near Temple View.

The 6.5 ha lake borders the Rukuhia peat bog administered by DOC as a wildlife management reserve. Hamilton’s Fish and Game Association has been working to restore the lake for several years and with its national body has developed a management action plan. The lake is divided into eight sectors that are being progressively restored.

“We have 31 peat lakes in our Region and they are home to a number of unique plants and animals. Our Region has the largest collection of peat habitat in New Zealand so projects like Lake Koromatua are important both locally and nationally,” said Jenni Vernon, Chairman of Environment Waikato.

The volunteer group has removed weeds, constructed a weir to control water levels and replanted native species. The Environmental Initiatives Fund grant is for weed clearance and replanting of the final zone nearest the car park and most accessible to visitors. The plan includes tables, signage and stiles to improve access.