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Published: 2003-09-29 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has granted $5000 towards a sewage disposal system at the Kinloch Marina.

The system is designed to reduce the amount of waste dumped into Lake Taupo by private boats. The marina operates in Whangamata Bay and is extensively used by members and the public to service the western bays of the Lake. It is a popular spot for boaties to replenish supplies.

About 10 percent of the system users are marina shareholders, the rest are public boaties and campers.

The Council heard that most of the boats have limited sewage storage capacity on board and the lack of a disposal facility has meant that in many cases boats dumped their waste directly into the Lake. In late 2002 the marina company installed a sewage pump out system which is free to the public for both boats and campervans. The sewage is fed into the town’s sewage treatment system.

The company said it went ahead with the system before outside funding was available because it wanted to move quickly to stop sewage discharge into the Lake. Total cost was $18,260, with Kinloch Country Club donating $4000 and $7000 sought from Environment Waikato.

Environment Waikato is spending considerable resources to begin improving water quality in the Lake and has encouraged people to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their actions. The installation of the sewage system supported these objectives.

The Council felt that it was appropriate to recognise and support a private business’s proactive effort to address environmental problems. The grant would encourage this type of private contribution to the Lake Taupo clean up.