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Published: 2005-06-30 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has granted $10,000 from its Environmental Initiative Fund towards Coromandel Independent Living Trust’s walkways project.

The group, which provides community health and education projects in the area, is planning a track to follow the old Blaygrove’s Rd from Fraser Reserve to the south of Coromandel Town, linking up with the kauri walk and providing a pedestrian alternative to the main street. Most of the land is either DOC or Coromandel Golf Club land and both support the walkway.

The Trust’s purpose is to provide a pedestrian corridor from the mangrove communities on the shores of Coromandel Harbour through regenerating scrublands and wetlands to the Driving Creek area’s ecosystem restoration projects.

Coromandel Cr Arthur Hinds said the project provided an opportunity for people to explore a series of ecosystems near Coromandel town. The project is also an opportunity to establish environmental infrastructure before residential development closed off those opportunities.