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Published: 2014-12-01 00:00:00

Joint media release from Thames-Coromandel District Council and Waikato Regional Council.
Tairua property owners are being reminded about where they can find out more on proposed Graham’s Creek flood protection works due to be carried out by Thames-Coromandel District Council and Waikato Regional Council.

An information session will be held by staff from the two councils in the Tairua Hall annex between 10am and 1pm this Saturday 6 December. The regional council’s Thames-Coromandel constituency councillor Clyde Graf will also be in attendance for the three hours and will stay on for an extra 30 minutes to discuss any issues people have.

The event comes after TCDC last month approved an extra $300,000 to extend the bridge on the Manaia Rd causeway which will be an important element of flood mitigation work at Graham’s Creek.

The funding will come from Tairua's stormwater depreciation reserves and a loan. The extension by 16 metres will help keep the road open during flooding and allow floodwaters to drain more easily when combined with floodway improvement works to be done by the regional council.

For many years, property owners in the Graham’s Creek catchment, which is upstream of the Manaia Road causeway, have experienced flooding.

To address the problem both TCDC and the regional council have been working with the community to find a workable solution. TCDC set aside $620,000 in its 2014-2015 Annual Plan towards upgrading the Manaia Rd causeway bridge. The regional council has set aside $600,000 in its 2014-2015 Annual Plan towards floodway improvement works around Graham's Creek which include stopbanks, re-contouring the floodplain to form a floodway and creek channel works.

Both pieces of work need to be done in tandem for a successful outcome.

In June 2014 a joint working group was set up to help refine and finalise the work programme. Made up of affected residents, elected members, as well as staff from both TCDC and the regional council, the group held four separate workshops and came up with a preferred solution which included a two-way causeway bridge (rather than a one-lane as previously indicated).

Construction of the regional council flood mitigation measures and the construction of the bridge are due to start in the middle of next year once resource consents are obtained.