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Published: 2005-07-18 00:00:00

Environment Waikato’s flood maintenance works have held up well over the weekend as the Coromandel was pounded by heavy rain for the second time in two months.

Programme Manager Julie Beaufill said intense rain fell on both coasts in a short period of time and the Council received calls from landowners around the Peninsula. Work done by Environment Waikato through the Peninsula Project on the Thames coast had reduced the impact of flooding on the Te Puru, Waiomu and Tapu communities.

“Clearing weeds and vegetation along the streams and removing blockages has allowed the water to flow through largely unimpeded. Work will now be done on removing debris from under bridges and in streams as well as tidying up erosion.”

She said the Council had had calls from landowners concerned about flooding, hill slope erosion and debris blocking streams, and many were worried as it was still raining. Most wanted advice about what could be done to lessen flood risk. One local landowner recorded 309 mm of rain on his property overnight at Tairua.

Whitianga estuary was muddy brown as sediment and flood waters came down from the Whangamaroro and Te Weiti catchments.

“This second storm highlights the importance of stable and healthy land and streams, which is what we are working on with the Peninsula Project. We’ll be keeping a wary eye on the weather and hope to get out and do immediate works where they are needed,” she said.