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Published: 2012-07-16 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council is warning forecast rain today will cause flooding of the Waipa River and catchments on the west coast of the region.

The warning follows heavy rain in those areas over the weekend and a forecast of up to another 60 millimetres falling between 8am and 3pm today.

It’s expected the rain could cause a once-in-20-year flood event.

Flood plains around the Waipa and west coast waterways are expected to be saturated, while surface flooding in many areas is predicted.

Farmers in those areas are urged to keep up to date on water levels and move stock to higher ground if necessary, while residents are advised that local roads could be affected by flooding and slips.

The council’s regional hazards and emergency management team will be monitoring the situation closely and provide further advice as necessary.

“At this stage we’re not expecting any major disruption as a result of the rain,” said regional hazards programme manager Adam Munro.

“But people do need to be alert to the potential for flood plains to be inundated, general surface flooding and potential problems with road access.

“We also remind people to be cautious and avoid taking any risks in flooded areas.”