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Published: 2002-07-08 00:00:00

Environment Waikato’s Flood Response Team and district council emergency managers in the Waikato are gearing up for another wet week after weeks of rain.

Rivers are full and land throughout the Region is saturated, with more heavy rain in Otorohanga, Te Kuiti and Lake Taupo areas over the weekend.

Ponding and localised flooding is visible in low lying areas of the King Country and Te Awamutu, where three homes were evacuated late last week because stormwater drains were full.

Part of the road has been washed away on State Highway Three near Otorohanga, and police were told that a dam had burst in the Ngutunui area.

A slip has blocked the south-bound lanes of the State Highway, just south of Waitomo, and flooding is affecting the same highway six kilometres south of Te Kuiti.

River walking paths in Hamilton City are under water in places. At Rangiriri the river has reached a one in two year flood event level. The Waikato River has stayed high over the weekend and more water is coming through from Lake Taupo and the hydro dams over the next day or two.

Flood Manager Scott Fowlds said Environment Waikato staff would be checking stopbanks in vulnerable areas throughout the day and keeping in close contact with district emergency management officers.

The MetService is warning that in the 15 hours from 9am to midnight today, another 30 to 50mm is likely in the hill country between Te Kuiti, Taupo, and Raetihi.

Areas such as Ngaroma and Otewa on the Waipa River had had 180mm of rain over the past four days while Hamilton had had 65mm in the same time. While the falls were not large rain had been constant and the cumulative effect was causing problems.
In Hauraki the Piako River was rising and the Waihou appeared to have peaked, he said.