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Published: 2002-07-11 00:00:00

The Waikato and Waipa River Flood Scheme is performing as designed, as the Region prepares for more rain over the next two days.

A new front is expected to hit the Region later today and over the weekend, after a day of respite from constant water throughout the catchment.

The break has given Environment Waikato’s Flood Response Team and the hydro power stations a brief window to push a little more water through the system to create some storage space for what is likely to come.

Slightly more water was moved through the middle of the Waikato River overnight from Karapiro. The amount was kept low to avoid further problems for low lying areas of Hamilton City and the lower Waikato area today, and has now been pulled back.

The Regional Council’s Flood Response Team has been working closely with Genesis and Mighty River Power to control some of the water flowing through the hydro dams to reduce downstream flooding.

The MetService has issued a severe weather warning for the Coromandel Peninsula today and predicts another 30 mm widespread over the Waikato into the weekend.

Regional Civil Defence Controller, Environment Waikato deputy Chief Executive Bob Priest said the flood protection scheme was performing just as expected after being under constant pressure for several weeks.

Some properties in low lying areas of the lower Waikato could expect to be flooded in any event, as the land was on a flood plain.

He said Project Watershed, the Council’s newly approved policy to address soil conservation, flood protection and river management in the greater Waikato – Waipa catchment, would ensure a proper funding base for maintaining existing protection works and providing new works identified by the community.