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Published: 2008-01-23 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is urging farmers in livestock exclusion areas to apply for Clean Streams funding before time runs out.

Through the fund, Waikato farmers can apply for up to 35 per cent of the cost of fencing and planting natural waterways on their properties.

People farming in livestock exclusion areas were given priority access to this money in April 2006 – but it is only available until this June.

The deadline was set to ensure waterways in ecologically sensitive areas were fenced as quickly as possible.

“Time is running out, and we want to make sure farmers are aware this incentive-based funding is only available until June,” Environment Waikato land management officer Therese Balvert said.

Livestock exclusion areas are ecologically sensitive areas where protecting water quality has been identified as a priority by Environment Waikato. They include:

  • any stream flowing into Lake Taupo
  • streams flowing into a harbour or estuary and within two kilometres of the coastal marine area
  • margins of significant wetlands in the region and most Waikato lakes
  • some specified streams on the Coromandel Peninsula and other specified streams throughout the region.

The livestock exclusion rule has been in place in the Waikato Regional Plan since 2000, but only become operative in April 2006, because it had been under appeal.

To find out if you are in a stock exclusion area, or for more information about the Clean Streams Fund, please phone 0800 800 401 and ask for your local Environment Waikato land management officer.