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Published: 2009-09-04 00:00:00

Environment Waikato says it is very pleased that its submissions on the Local Government (Auckland Council) Bill have been accepted by a parliamentary select committee.

The Auckland Governance Legislation Committee today announced it had recommended the Mangatawhiri River and Mangatangi Stream catchments be included in the Waikato region, as well as the part of Franklin District between the Mangatangi Stream catchment and the Firth of Thames.

"This is a great outcome for Environment Waikato and the region," said EW chairman Peter Buckley.

"It will in particular help us manage the health of the whole of the Waikato River in an integrated way, and this will be particularly important as river co-management with Waikato iwi evolves," Cr Buckley said.

In a presentation to the select committee in July, EW said: "The integrated and efficient management of natural and physical resources, including important water bodies such as the Waikato and the Firth of Thames, depends on EW’s continued ability to manage these resources as a whole."

Cr Buckley noted the Auckland council would still manage any dams in the catchments being included in the Waikato.