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Published: 2004-03-10 00:00:00

Environment Waikato’s Regulatory Committee has recommended prosecuting Hamilton City Council and Perry Environmental over alleged breaches of resource consents at the Horotiu Landfill, subject to legal advice.

Last month the Committee was told about repeated landfill management issues including uncovered waste, odour complaints from neighbours and problems with flies and gulls.

The Committee was told at this week’s meeting that since last month there had been a noticeable improvement in consent compliance. Environment Waikato staff had met with Perry Environmental and Hamilton City Council to discuss how compliance could be achieved, and there was now a strong resolve by both that consents must be complied with.

Resource Use Group Manager Chris McLay said that while the City Council had had a long record of good co-operation with Environment Waikato in managing its many consented operations, the Committee decided that there was a case to answer for alleged breaches of the Resource Management Act at the landfill.