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Published: 2014-05-29 00:00:00

A Waikato Regional Council proposal to alleviate flooding in the upper Maungahaumia Stream catchment won’t go ahead after a small community of 82 electors voted against it.

The proposal, released in February, was put together by the council in response to requests from some landowners experiencing repeated flooding. 

It would have seen the Taupiri Drainage and River Area extended to include additional land. This was to be known as the Maungahaumia Drainage Subdivision. 

Its establishment would have enabled the regional council to put in place a formal drainage maintenance programme for the area to alleviate flooding experienced by landowners in the subdivision and limit the potential for flooding impacts within the adjoining drainage districts. 

A poll was held over the past three weeks, with 43 of the 82 eligible electors returning their postal vote by Tuesday’s close off date. 

In total, 20 voters supported the boundary extension, while 23 opposed it. 

This process was carried out under the Local Government Act. In accordance with this Act, the regional council had no option during its meeting today but to confirm the status quo and therefore a new drainage area could not be established.