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Published: 2008-04-15 00:00:00

A drought advisory remains in place over the Waikato region, despite substantial rainfall this week.

Environment Waikato chairman Peter Buckley said rain on Monday and Tuesday had provided welcome relief for farmers.

“It will certainly go a long way towards easing the soil moisture deficit and increasing flows in rivers and streams across the region, but it would be premature to say the drought’s over,” Mr Buckley said.

“We’re cautiously optimistic, but at this stage we’re taking a wait and see approach. We would like to see the effects of the recent rainfall on soil moisture before making any decisions on lifting the drought.”

Between midnight Sunday/Monday and 3pm this afternoon, rain had been recorded at all rainfall stations Environment Waikato monitors across the region.

South Waikato rainfall sites recorded the least rainfall (13.5mm) and the Coromandel Pinnacles site recorded the most (237mm).

The King Country received, on average, greater than 75mm of rain, with up to 188mm recorded in the ranges. Hamilton received 66mm of rain and Taupo recorded just under 100mm in town.

“Hauraki Plains rain gauges have recorded at least 45mm and this will be a great relief for farmers in what has been one of the driest areas in the Waikato this summer,” Mr Buckley said.