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Published: 2014-03-03 00:00:00

Thousands of people are injured in road crashes each year and a new video clip, featuring top Kia Magic netball players and Waikato people, asks the sobering question – what’s a good number?

The clip is one of several videos produced for the second year of a multi-agency campaign to reduce the number of drink driving crashes and promote the ‘drive sober – protect your whanau’ message. 

In New Zealand, drink driving caused nearly a quarter of 70,000 injury crashes over the last five years, affecting more than 15,000 people. 

These were statistics which surprised Kia Magic netball players and members of the public interviewed on camera at a central Hamilton shopping centre. 

The video released today during the Waikato regional transport committee meeting is available to view at and asks: What would be an acceptable number for your whanau? 

Kia Magic captain Casey Kopua, who stars in the clips, said: “None. A big fat donut. I wouldn’t want any of my whanau to be involved in any alcohol-related crashes.” 

Waikato Regional Council’s road safety coordinator, Monique Haines, said it’s a powerful response which is shared by other members of the public in the clip. 

“Drink driving affects too many people, and this partnership with Kia Magic provides us with a real opportunity to use strong role models to positively change the attitudes of whole families and communities,” Mrs Haines said. 

Each video clip tells different parts of the ‘drive sober – protect your whanau’ story and are scheduled for staggered release to coincide with Kia Magic home netball games. 

The videos will be promoted online, at games, through community netball centres and at events organised by councils and police across the ‘Kia Magic zone’. 

“This year we’re taking the ‘drive sober – protect your whanau’ message into the wider community, using Kia Magic players and the netball community as ambassadors, encouraging people to take responsibility for the safety of their whanau by driving sober,” said Mrs Haines. 

More than 350 Waikato and Bay of Plenty zone netball umpires will also be wearing T-shirts promoting the ‘drive sober – protect your whanau’ message. 

The ‘Drive Sober’ campaign involves multiple stakeholders including Kia Magic Netball, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regional councils, Gisborne District Council, local authorities, New Zealand Police, and the NZ Transport Agency. 

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