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Published: 2002-02-18 00:00:00

Think you can create something artistic from rubbish? Then enter the Waste 2 Art competition and exhibition which is part of next month’s Festival of the Environment.

‘Waste 2 Art’, co-ordinated by The Waste Exchange, is open to all ages and actively promotes using waste as a resource. The Festival runs from March 8 to 17.
Waste Exchange co-ordinator Pippa Russell says Perry Developments have donated Riverbank Mall premises to hold the exhibition.

“The premises have Victoria Street frontage and will allow for a wonderful and exciting exhibit. We want everybody with all kinds of abilities to have the opportunity to create a piece of art, and waste is the perfect medium to explore weird and wonderful concepts,” she said.
Judges Xavier Meade, Lisa Benson and Rick Thorpe have been selected for their experience in the arts, lateral thinking, concepts and the environment.

“In today’s environment, art can mean just about anything and so allows for greater participation. In true exhibition style, people who enter the competition can choose whether to have their creation for sale which adds opportunity for participants and places value on waste, the first step for changing attitudes.”