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Published: 2003-12-15 00:00:00

Environment Waikato wants to know if dead stock are dumped in the Region.

Members of the Upper Waikato River and Catchment Liaison Subcommittee have been concerned that farmers are dumping dead stock into streams or burying dead animals near water so that they leached into water. Water downstream could become contaminated.

Environmental Services Programme Manager Rob Dragten said Environment Waikato was investigating several incidents in the Region. One incident involved eight cows dumped on the edge of a wetland near Reporoa, despite there being a dead stock collection service in the area.

Some animals were left with their ear tags cut off so their owners could not be identified.
He said farmers with dead stock should contact their dead stock collection services. Stock to be collected should be left away from roads and public places, and should not be draggedas it damaged the valuable animal skin.

If the animals could not be collected they should be buried on high dry ground away from wet areas. The hole needed to be deep enough for the animal to be adequately covered, and if water appeared while the hole was dug it was not a suitable place for burial.