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Published: 2002-08-14 00:00:00

Environment Waikato councillors will spend two days visiting Hauraki and the Coromandel later this month as part of a familiarisation tour of the Region.

The tour is designed to give all councillors, some of whom were elected to their constituencies late last year, an insight into the unique characteristics of the natural and physical resources in the area. They will also gain an understanding of the location, background and implications of emerging resource management issues in the area.

The 14 councillors will be joined by Thames Coromandel District Council Mayor Chris Lux and Chief Executive Steve Ruru, other staff from the District Council, Hauraki District Council mayor John Tregidga and Chief executive Langley Cavers, the Chairman of Mercury Bay Community Board Noel Hewitt and representatives of the Hauraki Maori Trust Board.

Amongst the issues to be discussed on the tour are peat soil management and drainage, hazard management, biodiversity and implications of climate change, marine farming, the Hauraki Gulf Forum, effects of land management practices on estuaries, forestry and water and wastewater plants on the Coromandel.

They will look at road sealing on the Kuaotunu Hill and State Highway 25, the Kopu Bridge project and transport problems on the Thames coast road as well as the Te Kouma Farm Park proposal near Coromandel. Marina developments at Whitianga will also be visited, navigation safety issues and coastal setback lines on Coromandel beaches.