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Published: 2002-04-24 00:00:00

Boaties and other water users have an opportunity to voice their opinion on the bylaw covering navigation safety as Environment Waikato reviews its Navigation Safety Bylaw.

The navigation safety bylaw covers the entire Waikato Region to ensure safety on all navigable waterways – the sea, harbours, lakes and rivers. It enables people to use lakes, rivers and harbours for water skiing, swimming, boating, kayaking or other water activities safely, and some areas are zoned to avoid people interfering with other’s activities.

The Bylaw does not apply to Lake Taupo, Whaingaroa Harbour, Waikato River from The Elbow to Meremere and Taharoa Harbour.

The review process will ensure that Environment Waikato’s Bylaw is consistent with Part 91 of the Water Recreation Rules developed by the Maritime Safety Authority. Since the Council’s Navigation Safety Bylaw 2001 became operative on July 1, 2001 any necessary changes have been recorded and will be incorporated into the review.

During the review the public will be asked for comments on the current bylaw and incorporating them into the reviewed bylaw through consultation with affected groups. The review is an opportunity for amendments and changes to the bylaw that will improve the safe recreational use of lakes, rivers and harbours.

Several pressure areas currently have site-specific schedules detailing what can happen in those areas, while other areas have indicated the need for additional schedules. Council staff have met with Marokopa residents to develop a schedule for their area.