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Published: 2002-06-07 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is delighted that efforts to get the State Highway One Expressway underway have at last been successful - but Chairman Neil Clarke says it’s vital to keep working on completing the project by 2010.

“The Region has an important strategic responsibility to get this highway completed. We’re grateful to the members of the Land Transport Committee, representing all the local authorities involved, who gave the project the number one roading priority in our Region.”

He said the move was necessary to ensure Transfund would prioritise it.

“We also thank the members of the mayoral task force – David Braithwaite, Peter Harris, Alan Livingstone, Heather Malone and Land Transport Committee chair David Peart – for the leadership they showed in making personal representations. Some also attended the presentation to the chairs and chief executive of Transit and Transfund.”

He said the Regional Council would continue to work on the second objective, which was completion of the expressway from Mercer to Cambridge by 2010, and the Chief Executives of Hamilton City Council and Environment Waikato meet in July to make progress on this.

“This has been an excellent example of what can be achieved when the leaders in local government have a common objective and work together. As a united group we were able to access Central Government and agencies at the highest level and state the case for our communities. Together we could open doors. We also acknowledge the assistance provided by the Waikato Times in developing the petition on the expressway.”