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Published: 2001-09-14 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is to grant $21,500 towards a trial of a sewage effluent treatment process at Tirau.

South Waikato District Council is trialling a submerged aerated filter process to remove ammonia nitrogen from sewage. The system uses plastic treatment media instead of rocks to filter effluent, reducing capital costs and the land area required while increasing treatment efficiency.

There are no operating plants of the scale required for communities the size of Tirau in New Zealand so a pilot evaluation is required to ensure it will give the required results at full scale. Ten other territorial authorities supported the application and several are interested in the results of the trial.

Consultants Harrison Grierson and Massey University are providing plant and technical support for the trial evaluation, and the data generated is likely to be used as the basis for further research as well as benefiting a range of other plants around the country, the Council’s Environment Committee heard.

Environment Waikato made a similar grant to Hauraki District Council in 1999 to trial a different treatment process at Ngatea.

Environment Waikato advocates the development and improvement of environmentally sustainable treatment technologies. The project could potentially benefit small communities across the Region.

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