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Published: 2002-07-30 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is calling for nominations for five local landowner and community representatives on its new River and Catchment Liaison Subcommittees.

The new committees will help the Council implement river and catchment management services for the Waikato and Waipa river catchments, which have been identified under Project Watershed. These services include river management, flood protection and soil conservation.

During the development phase of Project watershed, local liaison committees in each area assisted in developing policies and work programmes. In this next phase, the new subcommittees will assist in implementing these services and work programmes, and the ongoing operation in five management zones – Lake Taupo, Upper Waikato, Middle Waikato, Lower Waikato and Waipa.

They will advise on the proposed work programmes and provide a focus for community input and contact.

The Council is seeking five local landowner and community representatives on each subcommittee. The subcommittee membership will also include constituent Environment Waikato councillors, and representatives of local authorities, Department of Conservation, power companies and iwi where appropriate. Nominations are being sought for a representative from these other agencies, and final appointments will be made by a specially formed committee of Council.

The subcommittees are likely to meet twice a year, making recommendations on annual work programmes in their management zones and help implement those programmes. The Council is looking for people with an interest in promoting Project Watershed’s objectives and who have an active involvement in community or sector interests.

Their term of appointment will expire at the same time as the Council term, at the end of September 2004.

Nomination forms are available from Environment Waikato's Freephone 0800 800 401 and close on Monday, September 2.