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Published: 2013-09-27 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council yesterday approved expenditure of $570,000 to fix the ageing, leaking roof of its main office building in Hamilton.

The council’s leaky building in Grey St has been under repair for the past six months. As remediation work has progressed on the water-damaged A Block at the front of the building, the full extent of the leaks in the adjoining B Block roof have become clear.

A report to the council says the roof leaks during heavy rain, damaging ceiling tiles, wall linings and painted surfaces. As well as the water damage, there are concerns about potential mould growth.

The council heard there would be benefits in fixing the roof while the existing contractor was on site as this would allow the use of established contract conditions and rates while avoiding additional set up costs.

Building facilities contractor CoveKinloch provided four options for the roof repairs. These included patching the leaks at a cost of $30,000;modifying gutters, downpipes and other roofing parts at a cost of $50,000; partial re-roofing at a cost of $520,000; or total roof replacement at a cost of $570,000.

The company recommended the roof be replaced, rather than repaired, because of the age of the roof and the extent of the defects.

While less disruptive, the lower-cost options were at high risk of failure and builders’ guarantees would not be provided.

Both options 3 and 4 eliminated the higher risks, with option 4 preferred because it would bring the total roof area up to current building code requirements and minimise the cost of ongoing maintenance.

The new expenditure brings the total cost of the remediation to $2.34 million. It will be funded from the council’s 2012/13 budget surplus.