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Published: 2014-09-09 00:00:00

Cutting proposed red tape around new resource consents for vessel moorings has been agreed to by Waikato Regional Council’s strategy and policy committee today.

It follows concern, particularly amongst Coromandel boaties, about the need to get a fresh consent for moorings in Zoned Mooring Areas (ZMAs) after their current ones expire, as well as the proposed costs involved. The new consents are required because the old 10-year ones, initially brought in without charge between 2002 and 2006, have been progressively expiring.

However, the committee’s decision would, if implemented by full council, pave the way for the council’s maritime services section to hold the resource consent for moorings in ZMAs, with boaties simply paying an ongoing annual charge for a permit to use those moorings.

Having the council hold the consent would mean boaties wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of re-consenting their moorings or pay for a new consent.

“We see this as a way of cutting the mooring re-consenting red tape and charges that a number of boaties have told us they are concerned about,” said maritime services manager Nicole Botherway.

“Providing full council agrees to the measure, we will be undertaking targeted consultation with mooring holders about the best way to introduce the new system. This would occur over the next two months and we encourage mooring holders to have their say.”

In the meantime, boaties have the option of operating under their current consents until the new system is introduced or applying for a new individual consent of their own when their old one expires, Mrs Botherway said.

There are 16 ZMAs in Waikato, including at various spots around the Coromandel and at Kawhia and Raglan.