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Published: 2004-04-15 00:00:00

The Tongariro River is undergoing a cleanup following February’s flood damage.

Logs and other debris were deposited in the riverbed, particularly in the lower reaches of the river below the State Highway Bridge. Much of the debris has been stockpiled and is to be disposed of by burning and other means.

Environment Waikato programme manager Bruce Peploe said large volumes of gravel had moved down through the river channel to be deposited below the SH1 Bridge.

“While final survey results are not yet available, the volume of additional gravel resulting from this single flood is expected to exceed 50,000 cubic metres, which is much more than is deposited in an average year. This deposition is expected to have altered the characteristics of the river and the implications need to be identified and addressed.”

Environment Waikato is preparing to lodge a further consent application to remove the gravel he said.

A consent application was advertised on March 25, and submissions close on April 26. This application provides for extracting 15,000 cubic metres of gravel.

“Since we expect more gravel will need to be removed as a result of the flood, a further consent application will be lodged. Hearing of submissions on the applications will be combined together,” Mr Peploe said.