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Published: 2002-02-07 00:00:00

Hamilton people want cheap access to transport to major city activities, according to participants in the development of the city’s Recreation and Leisure Plan.

The City Council is looking at people’s access to recreation and leisure opportunities in the city and as part of the review, has received requests for more passenger transport services, especially to major events in the city.

This week’s Regional Passenger Transport Subcommittee heard from Hamilton City Council’s recreation planner Mike Hodges, who said public access to recreational facilities was important to the various groups and individuals who took part in the review. Facilities were not fully used because transport was not available when people wanted.

These services were needed outside normal business hours, at weekends and evening. People said they wanted free or cheap public transport to events such as major rugby games, the Arts Festival and other activities and facilities such as the zoo and the pools.

Chairman David Peart said cycle and walkways were also linked to public transport.

Matamata Piako District Council member Bob McGrail said parking areas outside the city centre, with free public transport to the city, would be a real asset and would encourage more people from small towns to visit city facilities.