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Published: 2003-11-26 00:00:00

Hamilton City has got on top of the smelly problem from its wastewater treatment plant.

This week’s Environment Waikato Regulatory Committee meeting heard that in November last year it asked for an extension on commissioning the plant, following a series of hardware problems encountered over the previous 12 months. The city had managed the extended commissioning process for the plant very well.

Acting Programme Manager Ross Wightman said the City Council expected that the commissioning process would have some effect on the discharge to the river, due to the effect of optimising, but this had not happened. The annual report identified only one breach – an exceedence of less than five percent for nitrogen - which was not linked directly to a commissioning issue.

The discharge of odour had continued at a very low level, with 37 complaints from the end of January to November. Of these, 14 were related to moving biosolids in October. Most were from the community group encouraged by Hamilton City Council to call if there was any odour. Given the location of the plant to residential areas, this was an improvement he said.

“The effluent discharged to the river has been of a high quality, with only one breach. The frequency of odour discharge has reduced significantly and Hamilton City Council have made a commitment to make odour the number one issue on site.”