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Published: 2001-02-13 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is proposing to extend total property clearance of ragwort and nodding and plumeless thistle into the dairying parts of Rotorua district.

The proposed Regional Pest Management Strategy, now out for public consultation, includes changing the current rule that stipulates 50 metre boundary clearance of these plant pests in the Rotorua district to total property clearance. This means dairy farmers will be required to clear all ragwort and thistle from their entire properties, not just on boundaries.

Councillor Helen Lane said many landowners in these areas had ‘clean’ land, free of these pests and the proposal was an opportunity to acknowledge this work and support it by re-classifying the land.

Biosecurity Group Manager John Simmons said the Council was seeking public feedback on the proposal and no final decision had yet been made on the issue. Environment Waikato would organise a public meeting to discuss the issue if there was a demand. If there was support for the idea the proposal could be extended into the dairying parts of Taupo district.

Submissions on the Strategy close on March 2 and hearings will be held after Easter to consider them.

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