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Published: 2001-11-06 00:00:00

Got a good idea for an event to celebrate our coastal environment?

Seaweek 2002 regional co-ordinator, Kim MacRae-Jonson of Environment Waikato, wants to hear from anyone with an event or activity for the annual celebration of our coastal and marine environment.

Seaweek 2002 runs from March 8 – 17 next year, and also coincides with the Waikato Festival of the Environment. It is an opportunity for all interested groups, organisations and individuals to organise and participate in events which demonstrate the biodiversity of the coast. There will be national promotion through newspapers, Internet, TV, radio, magazines and posters.

“The aim is to increase awareness, knowledge and appreciation of our coastal and marine environment. It is also an excellent opportunity for communities to promote local coastal issues”.

Schools will be asked to think of ways to celebrate the week and there are ideas and information on the Seaweek website,

Seaweek is organised by the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education, with regional co-ordinators throughout the country encouraging local organisations to host events.

Amongst the ideas are poster design competitions, story writing, beach clean ups and sea creature design for schools, seminars with marine experts on local concerns and sessions on marine mammal rescue techniques. There could be public coastal displays, trips and talks on the coast, guided walks, diving and snorkelling promotion days, coastal tree planting or sand castle building competitions.

The activity doesn’t have to take place by the sea. City dwellers can also be involved with face painting, pavement chalk art, library and mall displays and shop displays.

Kim MacRae-Jonson would like to hear from any organisations, schools, clubs or individuals who would like to organise an event or activity. Event registrations are due by Friday 11 January 2002. Phone Environment Waikato's Freephone 0800 800 401 or email